#IZM2018: Some of My Favourite Zines by Toby Buckley

It's pretty difficult to rank zines against each other, because by their very nature they're all completely different, finished to different standards and talk about different things. In any case, I've selected three of my personal favourites and if you haven't read them you should find yourself a copy and get readin'! 

How I Lost My Queer Street Cred: A Personal Rant Zine about Trying to be Good with a Bad Brain

TW: Sexual abuse

I only got this zine last week, and only started reading it yesterday but it is so good. I love this zine's design, overall aesthetic and homemadeness, but more than that I love its contents. 

There are no bells and/or whistles to this zine, it's not pretending to be anything more than it is, and it's perfect. It speaks so honestly about the experience of struggling to fit in in queer circles when all that you are and all that you've been through fights against that. I've tried before to write about how challenging it is to be sex-positive when you've gone through sexual abuse and controlling relationships, but the words never came right. This zine puts it all perfectly. 

The key points this zine covers are: 

  • Too traumatised to be sex positive; 
  • Too anxious for the night clubs
  • Too depressed to be vegan
  • Too insecure to be polyamorous
  • Too male to be a good person

I really think this is a zine everyone should read, it explains so many things so well. 

Twitter: @gay_dungarees
Facebook: Gay Dungarees Art


Hatchette is a lovely little series of zines, and I love them because they're homemade and because their contents are fab and because the gal who puts them together is just the best. 

Their creator, Mot Collins, sent me them along with a few bee-illustrations when I put out a submission call for Bombinate Issue #1, and it was such a lovely gesture. What a fab person, I can't even begin to explain. 


Unpredictapple was put together by my lil brother Fionn, and is the first zine I ever read/owned/submitted to/got published in. It is about apples, and there's so much great stuff in it of so many different genres. It also has two little comics that are sort of separate because they're printed separately but they came all tucked in and are also about apples. 

I really love this zine. It gave me the courage to do zine stuff. 

Twitter: @AppleCoreThing 

Blog by Tobert Buckley

Issue #4 Call for Submissions by Toby Buckley

Yellow, Pink, and Blue Party Balloons

It's Party Time!

Help Bombinate celebrate its birthday in style 

Greetings, Bombineers! Issues 1, 2 and 3 have been and gone, with #3 being easily the prettiest Bombinate to date thanks to our incredible cover designer Dearbháil Clarke. 

With Bombinate's first birthday on the horizon, the time has come to turn out attention toward a fourth issue, which will be launched at Bombinate's Big Birthday Party & Zine Market on Saturday, 21st July. This will be our first real life launch event, so we're pretty pumped!

Note: If you’ve ordered a copy of Issue #1, #2 or #3, it should be with you very soon. Thanks to the new website's real-life e-commerce setup, sales are now smoother and easier to process. No more weird Paypal invoicing! Hooray!

And if you haven’t ordered any of the previous issues? Well, that’s a little rude really. Please do fix that by following this link.

So, without any further ado, submissions are now open for Issue #4 of Bombinate! Details are as follows:

Theme: First Birthday! I want any work you might have that's themed around birthdays, anniversaries and/or the number one. 

What do we want? I’m looking for submissions from every genre, provided I can feasibly print it in a zine (so feature films may be tricky, sorry). If you aren’t sure if what you have would be suitable, try checking out the submission guidelines or email me at bombinatezine@outlook.com.

I’m especially eager to include lots of illustrations and doodles in this issue, so please throw any relevant art my way! 

Submission Deadline: 9th July, 2018.

Submission Guidelines: Right here!

Belfast Zine Market by Toby Buckley


Bombinate's First Belfast Zine Market

at the Belfast Book Festival

On the 16th of June 2018, Bombinate organised the first Belfast Zine Market. We had some incredible exhibitors including Charlot Kristensen, The Lifeboat and Playtime zine, and gave the masses their first chance to get their hands on Bombinate Issue #3!

Our second zine market on Saturday the 21st July to mark Bombinate's first birthday. This time, the Crescent Arts Centre were kind enough to host us! 

If you’re interested in getting involved in future events, please get in touch!

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