Zine Review: Rut Zine #78 by Toby Buckley

8 pages, A6.



This is a very lovely little zine that I own entirely by accident. I ordered one zine from Sticky Institute and they sent me that zine along with maybe 30 other free zines which took me quite some time to read through (to my great joy!)

This one has a helpful description on the back:

Rut Zine is a free weekly zine made at Sticky Institute in Melbourne, Australia by Bianca Martin.


For other great free zines:

These are some links that I haven't used yet because I am a massive procrastinator when it comes to things that will make me happy, but I’ll be darned if I’m not going to check them out as soon as I’ve finished writing this.

The contents of the zine are just the writer’s daily and weekly to-do lists and some discussion of the benefits of having that sort of routine. It’s written in a stream-of-consciousness type of way. And I don’t know why I find it so enjoyable – I have read this tiny zine multiple times. It makes me want to pin down my own to-do list, and take up Duolingo and start playing guitar again. I probably won’t do these things, but I probably would if I put them on a list. Most importantly, it makes clear how important it is to make sure you do all the little self-maintenance things that seem obvious but can easily fall by the wayside if you get out of the habit – things like updating your calendar, writing in a journal or brushing the cat.

I feel like I’d get along with the writer if I knew them personally, and ideally if I lived in Melbourne, Australia. I feel like everyone needs to come up with their own list, and like reading someone else’s list (like I got to when I read Rut Zine #78) makes it easier to see what items you need to add to your list and what items you’re already doing well with. It’s the sort of itemised life I can get behind, and the sort that goobers already tease me for having but here’s a writer that does it even better than me and gosh darn! I’m not alone!

It’s a really satisfying read. It makes it all so good and clear:

It kind of seems like a lot, but they’re all pretty easy things to do that don’t take a lot of time unless I feel like taking extra time on them. So I draw up this checklist into a graph every week and tick off my tasks as I do them every day and at the end of the week revise it and see if there’s anything I haven’t been doing regularly and if it has impacted on mu much, and if I find it’s a thing I’m consistently not doing I drop it from my daily list to my weekly list (more on that later).

Rut Zine is available from Small Zine Volcano (, but their system is that you select a price to pay and they cram as many zines as they can into the envelope so that it’ll cost that amount to post it. It’s a cool system, but means you can’t guarantee which issues you’ll get! Maybe if you email them and specifically request Rut Zine #78, they’ll be able to help you out. It’s worth the email.