Submissions are now open for Issue #4! by Toby Buckley


We're feeling spooky!

Bombinate Issue #4 submissions are now open

Greetings, Bombineers! Issues 1, 2, 3 and 3.1 have been and gone – yep, I know we already asked for submissions for Issue 4, but that turned out to be 3.1 due to time constraints so HEY IT'S ISSUE 4 ROUND TWO HIT US UP

Issue #3.1 was launched with a bang at the Belfast Zine Market last month, and Poetry with Pride is over for another year. Summer is also coming to a close. It's raining outside for the first time in centuries. Halloween is next on the agenda, so it's time to get spooky. 

Note: If you're looking for a taste of Bombinate, you can buy our previous issues through our Etsy store

So, without any further ado, submissions are now open for Issue #4 of Bombinate! Details are as follows:

Theme: GHOULS! Send us your spookiest poems, your creepiest drawings, your scariest existential crises. Make our skin crawl! 

What do we want? I’m looking for submissions from every genre, provided I can feasibly print it in a zine (so feature films may be tricky, sorry). If you aren’t sure if what you have would be suitable, try checking out the submission guidelines or email me at

I’m especially eager to include lots of illustrations and doodles in this issue, so please throw any relevant art my way! 

Submission Deadline: 1st September, 2018.

Submission Guidelines: Right here!