Issue #3 EXTENSION / by Toby Buckley


Hello friends! A massive thank you to everyone who’s sent me work for the new issue of Bombinate – I’ve got some really exciting content that I can’t wait to publish. For exciting reason’s I’ll go into later, the launch of Bombinate #3 has been pushed back to Saturday, 16th June.

This means that we have longer to prepare the issue than previously planned, so I’m extending the deadline for the issue to Wednesday, 16th May. Please continue sending us as much work as you can – it’s turning out to be a really interesting collection so far!


As with before, if you wish to order either of the previous issues you can do that by following this link.

Submissions are now re-opened for Issue #3 of Bombinate! Details are as follows:

Theme: Recipe. I want all of your poems, stories, drawings and other media that ties in with the topics of food, recipes, instructions and rituals. Get cooking!

What do we want? I’m looking for submissions from every genre, provided I can feasibly print it in a zine (so feature films may be tricky, sorry). If you aren’t sure if what you have would be suitable, try checking out the submission guidelines or email me at

I’m especially eager to include lots of illustrations and doodles in this issue, so please throw any relevant art my way! 

New Submission Deadline: 16th May, 2018.

Submission Guidelines: Right here!