Issue #3 Call for Submissions / by Toby Buckley


Hello friends! Issue #s 1 and 2 have been and gone, and while I was very pleased with what we were able to put together there were certainly some hiccups along the way – namely, the timing. Due to a number of contributing factors (my own mental and physical health, finishing a degree, getting a new job, moving house) there were some big old delays between each stage of the editorial and productive process for Bombinate #2.

So, I say, no more! Issue #3 is on its way, and I’m going to be making a couple of little tweaks to make this one run a little more smoothly. The main change will be that I’m going to get a real life printer to put together the physical copies rather than stitching them myself, meaning you get a glossier, prettier zine and I get more time to work on other important things – like content! We love content!

Note: If you’ve ordered a copy of Issue #1 or #2, it should be with you very soon. The last of the orders went out two weeks ago, so if you haven’t received yours yet and don’t over the next week, please do get in touch.

And if you haven’t ordered either of the previous issues? Well, that’s a little rude really. Please do fix that by following this link.

Submissions are now open for Issue #3 of Bombinate! Details are as follows:

Theme: Recipe. I want all of your poems, stories, drawings and other media that ties in with the topics of food, recipes, instructions and rituals. Get cooking!

What do we want? I’m looking for submissions from every genre, provided I can feasibly print it in a zine (so feature films may be tricky, sorry). If you aren’t sure if what you have would be suitable, try checking out the submission guidelines or email me at

I’m especially eager to include lots of illustrations and doodles in this issue, so please throw any relevant art my way! 

Submission Deadline: 1st April, 2018.

Submission Guidelines: Right here!