Issue #2 Submissions Now Open! / by Toby Buckley


Greetings, zine fans! I’m amazed and touched by the success of Bombinate #1, but it’s time to move on… to the next issue!

Note: If you’ve ordered a copy of Issue #1 and it hasn’t arrived yet, don’t fret! Postal orders were delayed by a horrific slump in my finances, but rest assured your zine is on its way and will be with you soon. And if you haven’t ordered a copy of Issue #1, what the hell?! Get a move on!

Submissions are now open for Issue #2 of Bombinate! Details are as follows:

Theme: Vine. We’re talking jungle vines that Tarzan can swing on, lil vines in your garden, grape vines, video-sharing web service Vine or any other connection you can think of. Get creative!

Submission Deadline: 1st September, 2017.

Submission Guidelines: Right here!